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Not gorgeous, but its here, warts and all. Presented at 50 strips per page for easy reading.

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The First Strip.

Well, The Rancid Meat Probably Was Healthier...

Make Believe Just Won't Be The Same Now

And There Goes The Readership..

Surprise Interlude! Made Ya Look!

Vinci's .. er.. Rebuttal

Interlude - 3-19-03: Eve Of That With No Answer

Pop Quiz! What's Arty's Favorite Food? It's a Toughie..

April Fool's! YAY! Guest Strip By Katie Popp!

Doe! A Deer! A Familiar Deer!

Surprise (Rough) Interlude! - Don't Lookit Me Like That, I Already TOLD You, No Sex!

The Energizer Yumar! He Just Keeps Going and Going and..

Arty? You're Unfashionably Late. Shut up.

I Couldn't Eggsactly Passover An Easter Image, Could I?


Meet Nalya Sunspot.. OR ELSE!

Send Your Love To Mom, Whether She's Near or Far

At Least He's An Encouraging Big Bro..

Interlude- Well Wed-deyaknow!

Enter The Arch Nemesis? (Or Is That Nemeh-sis?)

Its just a doll... right?

Interlude- The Complex Workings Of The Sub-Coonscious

Plushspicious Indeed..

Hidden Behind The Sunshine

Remembering You Today

Well, He Asked For It..


Way To Stick To Your Guns There, Vinchers..

Why Introducing Boyfriends To Coworkers Can Be Dangerous

Hiatus- Off to Anthrocon, Be Back Soon!


There's Something Fishy About That Guy!

Arkie; King of Non-Sequitors

Interlude; Many thanks to Fender the Font Fennec

Vanity, Thy Name Is Artisan

Diss And Make Up

Yumars Are Sure Fin-icky - Guest Strip by Josh Dee!


Hidden Ghosts And Nightmares

Hi Custard! You've Just Been Drive-by Best Friended

Arty, Stop Fretting. You've Got Hair Enough For Both Of You

Sometimes A Smile Is The Best Thing You Can Donate

Hair-larious? Vinci Thinks NOT!

What DOE's around, comes around.

Squick Or Treat!

Donut Just Make You Cringe?

Never Judge A Crook By His Lover

Eatin' All The Grub, Down At The Dump...

And He Can Quit Anytime He Wants, Too..

A Note Of Christmas Past? 1 of 28

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