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Not gorgeous, but its here, warts and all. Presented at 50 strips per page for easy reading.

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Christmas, Take Two: 18

Christmas, Take Two: 19

Christmas, Take Two: 20

Christmas, Take Two: 21

Christmas, Take Two: 22

Christmas, Take Two: 23

Christmas, Take Two: 24

Christmas, Take Two: 25

Christmas, Take Two: 26, Fin!

Guest Strip by the amazing Naroclie!!


Sigh. Techies. So Literal, So Cruel.

Stupid Literalists!

Face It, Arty, You're Just A Pawn

Based on several true incidents.

Hey, This is a PG Strip. They Got Off -Easy-.

Guest Strip By Spain Fischer of AWESOME! We Love You Spain!!

Guest Strip by Sirynx!

Interlude... A Brand New Day


He Sure Knows How To Get His Proink Across

Cute Phasers Set To Stun


Devilled Egging On

Help Me, Arty-Wan Kenobi

Famous Last Words

Limited Edition Hershey's Talk-lit? Nice Try.

Whassamatta? Uhh, Muffin, Honey.

AUUGH! The Cliche, It Hurts! AUUUGH!

And Muffins Usually Make It Jiggle

Arty's REALLY Rubbing Off On Him

Guest Art; Strip Colorization by Richek

Ooooohhh that's GOOD pokey...

Super Special Guest Strip, by ROGUE!

Waiting Room...


The More Things Change...

Ooh, Arty, You Hot Sud You

Hey, Cheer Up, Emo Kid!

Now I'M Curious About His Teen Years!

Guest Strip by Rogue!

Guest Strip by Wovstah

Guest Strip by Kiru Klee

Guest Strip by Prism Wuff

Guest Strip part 2 by Prism Wuff

Guest Strip by Salkafar

Guest Strip by Bilou

Guest Strip by Niki Paprika

To Use a Tired Old Catchphrase.. HELLOO-O NURSE!

Terrifying Love

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