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When You're A Queen You're A Queen All The Way... (Guest Strip By Ki-- uh THE MASKED STRIPPER!)

Wow. It's Like Asking A Medical Question on IRC

To Live Or Diet part 1 of 3

To Live Or Diet part 2 of 3

To Live Or Diet part 3 of 3

The Bowled and the Beautiful

Back To The E-ARGH

Like You Didn't See This A Mile Away

Hey Kids! Let's Go Shark Jumping!

Hiatus Interlude


Hey, Gimme SOME Credit For Waiting 5 Years Before I Used This Gag!

Truly, It Is The Apocalypse

So What's 'You Got Owned' In Greek?

This Week On 'Glaze Of Our Lives'..

Deus ex Talkina

Greeking Out

Not What He Wanted To Hear

Is This A Gyro-ic Ending?

Figures It Was Too Convenient

Maybe He's More 'Angry Queen' Than 'Disney Princess'...

...What The Hell...

Arty, Your Mouth Is Going To Get You In Trouble One D---Never Mind.

Should have seen it coming...

Every Office Has A Loudmouth...

The Solution For Everything

Rubber Hose Horrors



Way To Go, Mr. Oblivious, Your Partner May Have Confessed Something

Arty P. Sunspot, The Open Pamphlet

Family Freud

Can't Let Go

Getting Back To Normal

You Know What This Means!

Procyon Procrastination


Upcoming Wacky Hijinks! Stay Tuned


Dental DAY-UMN

Look Out World!

This really happened.

How Poetic

Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures

He's Not Used To This By Now?

Uh...Is That A Poem Or A Livejournal Entry??

Did She Just...?

That Mouth Before Brain Thing Runs In The Family, Apparently

Was It True About The Bad Luck?

Meet The Parents Countdown 5

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