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Meet The Parents Countdown 4

What Can Make You Dance? OHHHH CHIHUAHUA

Meet The Parents Countdown 3

Meet The Parents Countdown 2...1...aaand...

Doggone It!

She Learned English By Watching American TV. It Shows.

What Can Make You Move?

Meet the Parents

Can You Feel The Groove?

Ruff Night

Fortunately, Russ Knew The Mailman Was a Three-toed Sloth

Her Second Choice Was Hulk Hogan

Welp, He Wasn't Expecting That...

He Probably Should Have Played It Cool...

And The Verdict...

And The Sentence...

It's Amazing, The Mental Path Her Mind Takes...

Yeah, THANKS, Mom!

Vinci Gets Some Credit For Not Running Away And Screaming...

A Sign Of The Times

Actually, I Kinda See Why He's So Neurotic...

How Thin Are Those Walls?

Welp...He Was A Wild Teenager

Another 'Based On Real Events' Strip

Another 'True Story'. He Seriously Made This Up On The Fly One Night...

No Title Could Ever Describe This

Warning! Warning! Warning!

Ceiling Arty Is Watching You Masticate

Apologies For The Poopy Sketches, And See You Later This Year!

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